In France, I wake up in the middle of an ocean of plains. In the agricultural heart of France, there is an area called traditionally La Beauce, a kind of Romanian Bărăgan of France. There was a landscape around me I was not used to. I used to feel at ease only near mountains or at least hills.

The connection with the life before was made with the help of the bicycle. The flat landscape allowed me to do regular and full cycling tours in this ocean of plains. This kind of landscape invited me to go on very long cycling getaways. In this way, I could match the effort spent in my typical mountain rides,. These tours took place at different distances around the town of Chartres,  an island of civilization in the nearly never ending plain. A small town, located less than 100km from Paris, which also represents an oasis of peace and recovery for those who face daily the oppressive overcrowding of the metropolis.

In the final part of my cycling tours, when fatigue was at its peak, there was a picture that

Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres

it always surprised me. No matter where I came from, at about 20 km from Chartres, the cathedral towers became visible, “floating” above the flat “cereal-yellow” landscape. This had a refreshing effect on me, as fatigues as I usually was at that stage of my roundtrip..  The rise of this ever growing landmark the closer I was to the destination  was one of the “effort-supporting” factors in the exhausting final stage of my tours.

And since I found myself repeating this on and on, I became inspired to create a collection of images, looking from different vantage points at the towers of the Cathedral  emerging from the golden fields . Usually, I leave behind my camera when engaged in this physically demanding cycling tours, but I had to reconsider my “burden” if I wanted to.

capture the images I was after. This is one of the first images of this series.

Lately, since I started working on my YouTube channel, I thought of creating  “cycle-lapses“. These are fast, dynamic, high visual effects recordings of the long, flat, and endless roads of the agricultural ocean in central France. Because of this, I am now taking e on the bike both photo and video equipment and it is very possible that these two projects would merge and lead to unique visual experiences. This fusion of projects (Cathedral towers above the plain and cycle-lapse with area roads) is a unique, surprising, and stimulating idea. It is also a meaningful take on a “photographic thought” produced by the mind of a great French philosopher and writer, who living in these places felt the need to say:

«The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes » .

The one who said this is Marcel Proust, and my new “eyes” for presenting the golden landscape are the pixel-generating cameras mounted on my bike. Stay close to watch and follow the “growth” of this idea.