About a year ago, I decided to start developing a YouTube channel where I present various aspects related to Provisualstock. I did this for two main reasons.

  Firstly, the idea of filmmaking is to me as old  as photography. When I finally  “got my hands” on my dad’s camera, I instantly knew that I wanted to make films. Unfortunately, at that time, it was extremely difficult to have access to filming equipment. I could have probably choose to attend a film school. However, I wanted to develop myself as independently as possible in this field and combined with my acute lack of resources, I decided to focus exclusively on photography. These days, accessibility to equipment has changed dramatically.

  The second reason is represented by the strange changes in the relationship between photo stock agencies and photographers, encouraging you to explore other forms of expression.

  On this channel, I will present aspects related to how I have created collections and visual projects over time, hosted on Provisualstock.com.

I will do this in several stages. For the current period, I will present places, things, and situations that inspire me. The foundation of my explorations is walking or hiking, cycling, and driving. Therefore, in this phase, the channel will evolve as a vlog where you will discover my perspective on the things I encounter. For now, I have created a series of cyclelapses and started presenting different streets or interesting places I have visited. Additionally, I will dynamically present the existing projects or those that will appear on provisualstock.com.

This way, I will become very familiar with the filmmaking process and the functioning of the YouTube social network.

In the second part, I will start adding films demonstrating how I built provisualstock.com. This will be a series of films dedicated to the technical and conceptual aspects related to photography/filmmaking, website creation, and my visual projects. There may also be some original videos where I express my lifetime acquired opinions about stock photography and stock photo agencies.

I decided that before starting this somewhat educational activity, the channel should attain some level of popularity. Therefore, these types of videos will only appear once the number of subscribers exceeds 25,000.

So, for now, I invite those of you who follow this blog to take a look at the channel, which is primarily a dynamic extension of provisualstock.com. If you like it, please subscribe and, of course, share your opinions about what is presented there. The more feedback, the more useful and stimulating it is for me. Remember to brag to your friends about it!

I warmly welcome you to an immersive and spectacular visual experience on  my channel.