Autumn Raindrops

A very old picture. One of the first “remarkable” images made in Japan. I was newly landed in a world where I didn’t understand anything. The first moments on the... Read More

The Sense of Observation

A few days ago, teaming up with a good friend of mine, I have looked through more than 1500 pictures shot while crossing a a great European town. At the... Read More

The Streets of Gion

This is a small street on the outskirts of the Geisha District, Gion, in Kyoto. As you walk along this street, you are basically transitioning from one world to another.... Read More

The Tour of France 2015 – Photo Report

2015 was my 5th participation as a photographer at the world’s biggest cycling competition, Le Tour de France. The photo collection of first two editions editions (2011–2012) has been the... Read More

Stock Photo Agencies Ranking System – The Criteria

Occasionally I post a personal classification of the top 8 agencies I collaborate within a certain period of time varying between 3 and 12 months. This classification is based on... Read More