Taiko Drummer

This image is one of the greatest favorites of all time. It perfectly represents the way I perceived Japanese street festivals, matsuri: in the rhythm of taiko beats, a whirlwind... Read More


During the Japanese period, I discovered a kind of Japanese milestone. It is about their traditional festivals called Matsuri (祭 り / 祭). These are popular street performances full of... Read More

The Kyoto T-shirt painter

When photographing streets, there are several ways to approach a scene. On one hand, you want to show spontaneous moments specific to a location, the so-called “decisive moments” of Henri... Read More

Another story about Geisha, Kyoto and Photography

   Why did I take this picture? As mentioned before, when I was in Kyoto, Geisha were one of the photo subjects that captivated me from the first moments. Basically,... Read More

“Geisha’s Head”

This picture is a mistake and I’ll tell you why. ??    Geisha photography is an activity that can only be done in Japan, and in Kyoto this is reaching... Read More