Random Incident

This is one of the first images from the time when commercial stock photography was my main concern. At one point I changed my photographic strategy from photographing just because... Read More

The place where the clouds turn back

This is a photo taken  on a hiking route that heads to Negoiu Peak (2535m), the second highest in the Fagaras Mountains...... Read More

The Shinto Priest

It was an early spring Sunday. It was that time when the weather was neither hot nor cold, neither sunny nor cloudy.... Read More

Day-dreaming-tourist-circuit in Kyoto

Kyoto is, as I have mentioned many times before,  a fantastic and unique city. Life in Kyoto takes place in two overlapped temporal realms. There are two coexisting realities of... Read More

The Taiko Drums

Time and time again, one of the most impressive displays of  the Japanese soul comes to the fore during the taiko street performances. I used to witness them during their... Read More