Voronet Monastery

Monasteries of Bucovina,  are considered another jewel of Romania, I have once explored in my own way by taking on foot those winding roads, sleeping in a tent and sometimes, ... Read More


Some of those who already know me understand my affinity for old cities, the usual locations where reenactment festivals take place. I have  created an entire  collection of characters photographed... Read More

The duality of my photographic style

Instinctively, I really like photographing places, situations and characters in completely natural, non-directed conditions. In a way, I like to select from the amalgam of untouched events that particular thing... Read More

Călțun Lake, Făgăraş Mountains, Romania

My circumstances were in such a way that I had  to be in quite a few  places in the world. I hope you noticed that I said to “be” and... Read More

Traffic lights trails

Time and again, I realize that one of the photographic elements I am most passionate about  is the representation of a dynamic aspect in a static image. Traffic light trails... Read More