Traveller in Bucharest

In my short stay in Romania, between Japan and France, I once again arrived in Bucharest. I had decided to photograph the People’s House. I decided to start with the... Read More

The Human factor – the story of the place

A very old picture. While walking thought the streets of, once, impossible to reach cities across the world, I was thinking: what would I photograph if I could magically transport... Read More

Transfăgărășan or the Cycling Temple of Romania

Looking at this photo, I tried to understand why I’ve selected it as being representative for Transfăgărășan, in a presentation of Romania that I have made few months ago. Generally,... Read More

Ramet Gorges

At one point, on one of my trips through the Japanese forests, I took a photo of a beautiful waterfall completely surrounded by green moss. That was the first time... Read More

Adaptability drives inspiration

This image as well was made while being in Romania, trying to photograph what I like but adapting to the requirements of commercial photography. This picture was taken in a... Read More