La Défense

My arrival in France came along with “a bit” of confusion. Quite similar, to some extent, to what I experienced in Japan. As time passed by, there, I became accustomed ... Read More

Paris-the city of love

Nowadays, discovering a big city is a little different than before. The current process is in fact some sort of confirmation of a prior documentation and has nothing to do... Read More

Motion in photography

Behind this image there is an interesting story. A long time ago, as a child, when I took over my father’s professional camera, my first photo assignment was to shoot... Read More


Properly shooting fireworks can produce  spectacular images, full of color and dynamism. Their creation involves two aspects, just like almost any other type of photography. On one hand, there is... Read More

Autumn landscape with a charming puddle

I must have already told you about the time when Ramet Gorges in the Land of the Moți in Transylvania, Romania became my daily  “work studio”. This image is from... Read More