Stock Photography – A Very Short Introduction

Most probably, the topic I will address in the series of blog posts that follow “Picture of the Week 2021”, will be the stock photography. This is the field on... Read More

Mont Saint Michel – travel photography technique

According to some rankings, Mont Saint Michel is considered to be the second most popular tourist destination in France, after the Eiffel Tower. The reality is that is quite unique!... Read More

Pointe du Raz

This is a spectacular picture of one of the most interesting areas I have discovered in France, Brittany. It is a little further West of Normandy, located on the Northern... Read More


In my case, discovering  France followed an “almost” geometric pattern. The first area chosen for exploration was Normandy because it was the closest  and represented the “head” of France. It... Read More

The real voyage of discovery

In France, I wake up in the middle of an ocean of plains. In the agricultural heart of France, there is an area called traditionally La Beauce, a kind of... Read More