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The Sense of Observation

A few days ago, teaming up with a good friend of mine, I have looked through more than 1500 pictures shot while crossing a a great European town. At the... Read More

Stock Photo Agencies Ranking System – The Criteria

Occasionally I post a personal classification of the top 8 agencies I collaborate within a certain period of time varying between 3 and 12 months. This classification is based on... Read More

Top 8 Stock Photo Agencies 2020 – Coronavirus crisis

The last classification of the stock photography agencies I work with was made at the end of last year. Now is time to analyze the activity of the agencies between January... Read More

Top 8 Stock Photo Agencies 2019

In this article I will analyze the activity of the main stock photography agencies I have collaborated with in 2019. The ranking and personal opinions are coming from an independent... Read More

Top 8 Stock Photo Agencies 2018

It’s been already a year since my last presentation of the ranking of the main photo stock agencies I am collaborating with. I changed the name from “Top 8 RaduRazvanPhotography”... Read More

Top 8 Stock Photo Agencies – 2017

I’m going to present you a rank of the main stock-photography agencies with which I am collaborating, based on their results from this year. The last ranking I made was... Read More