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Cyclelapses on YouTube – How the Idea Came About

 My decision to start developing a YouTube channel came along with a solution to a major dilemma I had. Many of those following me know that, in addition to photography... Read More

The Tour of France 2015 – Photo Report

2015 was my 5th participation as a photographer at the world’s biggest cycling competition, Le Tour de France. The photo collection of first two editions editions (2011–2012) has been the... Read More

An Inspiring Story from the Roads of Le Tour de France

1. This is why I love photographing the Tour of France…because it inspires anyone that comes in contact with the cycle race (fans or public spectators) to overcome themselves making... Read More

My Unique Cycling Photography Project is one of my projects that I am very fond of. This may be so, because I am very passionate about bicycle riding and of course Le Tour de France.Having... Read More